OrangeExpDB is an online Citrus transcriptome database that provides expression data for a variety of Citrus RNA-seq samples, including 9 Citrus limon projects, 18 Citrus reticulata projects, 56 Citrus sinensis projects, 14 Citrus trifoliata projects and 26 Citrus maxima projects. Additionally, the platform also offers practical tools such as online blast, search function, and download tools, thus furnishing a convenient and reliable research foundation for researchers.

Note: Raw data from the NCBI-SRA database was subjected to quality control using Trimmomatic v0.39. Subsequently, Hisat2 v2.2.1 and StringTie v2.2.1 were used to calculate the fragments per kilobase of transcript per million mapped reads (FPKM) matrices.

  • C. sinensis
  • C. limon
  • C. maxima
  • C. reticulata
  • C. trifoliata
BioProject Publication Bytes geo_loc_name_country_continent geo_loc_name_country geo_loc_name
PRJNA894942 Nanopore long-read RNAseq reveals transcriptional variations in citrus species 1.85 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA847378 Bidirectional mRNA transfer between Cuscuta australis and its hosts 5.64 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA836261 Suppression of citrus canker disease mediated by flagellin perception 17.79 Gb not applicable not applicable not applicable
PRJNA827341 The plant protection preparation GZM improves crop immunity, yield, and quality 13.03 Gb Asia China China:Guangdong
PRJNA797721 An effector of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ manipulates autophagy to promote bacterial infection 22.15 Gb Asia China China:Chongqing
PRJNA735893 A chromosome-level phased Citrus sinensis genome facilitates understanding Huanglongbing tolerance mechanisms at the allelic level in an irradiation-induced mutant 74.48 Gb North America USA USA: Florida
PRJNA792482 - 40.84 Gb Asia China China:Jiangxi
PRJNA778304 miR156 regulates somatic embryogenesis by modulating starch accumulation in citrus 42.44 Gb North America USA USA: Lake Alfred, FL
PRJNA780217 Citrus Huanglongbing is a pathogen-triggered immune disease that can be mitigated with antioxidants and gibberellin 14.65 Gb North America USA USA: Florida
PRJNA778232 Volatile Signals From Guava Plants Prime Defense Signaling and Increase Jasmonate-Dependent Herbivore Resistance in Neighboring Citrus Plants 24.66 Gb Asia China China: Guangzhou
PRJNA755969 Insights into the mechanism of Huanglongbing tolerance in the Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica) 11.1 Gb North America USA USA: Florida
PRJNA755699 Overexpression of the salicylic acid binding protein 2 (SABP2) from tobacco enhances tolerance against Huanglongbing in transgenic citrus 27.62 Gb North America USA USA: Florida
PRJNA752966 - 21.33 Gb Asia China China:Jiangxi Province
PRJNA748945 Transcriptomic Analysis of the Host Response to Mild and Severe CTV Strains in Naturally Infected Citrus sinensis Orchards 3.74 Gb North America Mexico Mexico: Veracruz
PRJNA741128 Transcriptomic and physiological analysis reveals interplay between salicylic acid and drought stress in citrus tree floral initiation 56.25 Gb Asia China China:Wuhan
PRJNA723633 - 14.26 Gb Asia China China: Chongqing
PRJNA715742 - 39.45 Gb North America USA USA: Riverside, CA
PRJNA704425 - 6.95 Gb North America USA USA: Riverside, CA
PRJNA703546 - 264.08 Gb - - -
PRJNA612768 Natural variations of TFIIAγ gene and LOB1 promoter contribute to citrus canker disease resistance in Atalantia buxifolia 53.55 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA691971 - 31.49 Gb Asia China China: Hubei Province
PRJNA689213 Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of Citrus sinensis varieties provide insights into Valencia orange fruit mastication trait formation 86.05 Gb - - -
PRJNA670516 CsLOB1 regulates susceptibility to citrus canker through promoting cell proliferation in citrus 42.97 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA667275 Transcription factor WRKY22 regulates canker susceptibility in sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) by enhancing cell enlargement and CsLOB1 expression 25.46 Gb Asia China China:Chongqing
PRJNA647249 Molecular mechanisms for magnesium-deficiency-induced leaf vein lignification, enlargement and cracking in Citrus sinensis revealed by RNA-Seq 36.5 Gb Asia China China:Fuzhou
PRJNA642106 - 11.78 Gb - - -
PRJNA636131 Integrated Transcriptomic and Metabolomic analysis reveals a transcriptional regulation network for the biosynthesis of carotenoids and flavonoids in ‘Cara cara’ navel Orange 32.41 Gb Asia China China:Wuhan
PRJNA629966 - 26.58 Gb - - -
PRJNA602381 Potential Mechanisms of AtNPR1 Mediated Resistance against Huanglongbing (HLB) in Citrus 21.97 Gb North America USA USA: Florida
PRJNA597410 Lycopene Accumulation in Cara Cara Red-flesh Navel Orange Is Correlated with Weak Abscisic Acid Catabolism 16.07 Gb Asia China China:Wuhan
PRJNA579049 Transcriptomic and metabolomic analyses provide insight into the volatile compounds of citrus leaves and flowers 13.29 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA573296 Regulation of carotenoid and chlorophyll pools in hesperidia, anatomically unique fruits found only in Citrus 93.42 Gb Asia China China: hubei
PRJNA576978 Overexpressing GH3.1 and GH3.1L reduces susceptibility to Xanthomonas citri subsp 16.87 Gb Asia China China: Chongqing
PRJNA566421 Assessment of unconventional antimicrobial compounds for the control of 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus', the causative agent of citrus greening disease 158.91 Gb - - -
PRJNA513165 "Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia de Genômica para o Melhoramento de Citros" (Grant ID 2008/2014/50880-0, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) "Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia de Genômica para o Melhoramento de Citros" (Grant ID 465440/2014-2, Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico) "Relações hídricas e transcriptoma comparativo de porta-enxertos selecionados pelo programa de melhoramento genético de citros visando tolerância à seca" (Grant ID 478733/2013-5, Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico) 11.69 Gb South America Brazil Brazil: Ilheus
PRJNA508424 - 14.87 Gb Asia China China: chongqing
PRJNA505360 Functional analysis of citrus AP2 transcription factors identified CsAP2-09 involved in citrus canker disease response and tolerance 8.42 Gb Asia China China: chongqing
PRJNA488876 - 35.87 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA340305 Genomic analyses of primitive, wild and cultivated citrus provide insights into asexual reproduction 55.62 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA471083 Molecular and Physiological Responses of Citrus sinensis Leaves to Long-Term Low pH Revealed by RNA-Seq Integrated with Targeted MetabolomicsLow pH-responsive proteins revealed by a 2-DE based MS approach and related physiological responses in Citrus leaves 13.54 Gb - - -
PRJNA417324 "National Institute of Food and Agriculture Hatch Project" (Grant ID 1005945, United States Department of Agriculture) "HLB Early Detection" (Grant ID 5300-150, Citrus Research Board) 87.12 Gb North America USA USA:Davis
PRJNA429187 Global increase in DNA methylation during orange fruit development and ripening 49.27 Gb - - -
PRJNA428949 Transcriptomic Analysis of Orange Fruit Treated with Pomegranate Peel Extract (PGE) 29.35 Gb Europe Italy Italy: Reggio Calabria
PRJNA428873 Genome-wide identification, characterization, and expression profile of NBS-LRR gene family in sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) 11.72 Gb - - -
PRJNA394061 Comparative analysis of the transcriptomes of the calyx abscission zone of sweet orange insights into the Huanglongbing-associated fruit abscission 51.04 Gb - - -
PRJNA384780 Transcriptional analysis of sweet orange trees co-infected with ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ and mild or severe strains of Citrus tristeza virus 58.33 Gb North America USA USA:MD,Beltsville
PRJNA387319 Comparative transcriptome and proteome profiling of two Citrus sinensis cultivars during fruit development and ripening 54.45 Gb Asia China China:Xindu district,Chengdu
PRJNA350382 - 11.41 Gb Asia China China
PRJNA339838 Root Adaptive Responses to Aluminum-Treatment Revealed by RNA-Seq in Two Citrus Species With Different Aluminum-Tolerance 4.69 Gb - - -
PRJEB6342 An RNA-Seq-based reference transcriptome for Citrus 5.49 Gb - - -
PRJNA304618 - 8.71 Gb North America USA USA
PRJNA299762 - 4.66 Gb Asia China China:Ganzhou
PRJNA261357 Transcriptional profile of sweet orange in response to chitosan and salicylic acid 11.63 Gb uncalculated uncalculated missing
PRJNA203307 Published online, DOI: Transcriptome Profiling of Citrus Fruit Response to Huanglongbing DiseasePublished online, DOI: Gene Regulatory Networks Elucidating Huanglongbing Disease Mechanisms 35.39 Gb North America USA USA:Florida, Lake Alfred
PRJNA839431 Reduction of heat stress pressure and activation of photosystem II repairing system are crucial for citrus tolerance to multiple abiotic stress combination 113.17 Gb - - -